Car Opening By Tim Brown, CRL


Emerald City Locksmith is happy to offer automotive lockout services. We can open most cars currently on the road. The tools we use are the state of the art automotive opening tools, designed to do no damage. We can usually have you back in your car and on your way in a short time.


Before we can open a car for you we will need to determine who owns the car. This is done usually with drivers license and registration. Drivers license and insurance card is also acceptable in most cases. The bottom line is, we will only open a car for the owner. We must be able to verify the ownership of the car using official documents.


If you need to loan your car to someone you should consider creating a document saying the person you loaned it to has your permission to drive it, then have the document notarized. A notarized document along with drivers license and registration, or insurance card is acceptable in most cases for opening the car. To make keys for the car in the absence of the owner, the notarized document is needed, without it we can not work on the car .


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